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BOB x Giphy

Looking at the coffee game BOB Coffee wanted to find a way to differentiate themselves from the surf, patagonia, hug a cup by the window brands. They wanted to create unorthodox content that other brands were not doing. So I put together this idea where BOB enters the gif game. We started out in a 3 phased rollout across 2 months. 

ROLE: CD / Tier 1 Gif Maker 

Phase 1: Entry
Just to publish gifs online is free and easy. To get your gifs onto IG Stories you have to be a verified brand. So I got BOB verified by dropping a mini gif pack. Click on the image to get linked.

Phase 2: What’s Next?
While we were collaborating with Evan Dickerson we dropped some scenes from our commercials in order to learn the giphy platform and just overall see what happens. (the best creative comes from the unknown)Click on the image to get linked.

Phase 3: The Sticker Pack Drop
It was time to finally drop the sticker pack from our guy Dickerson. 

The Results: Insane

Within just 1 month of dropping this sticker pack we saw the numbers of views sky rocket from 30K to 1.6M.  

Then a couple more months later we saw the numbers of views go from 1.6M to 2.1M.